About Us

We deliver easy-to-use, search-friendly, mobile-friendly, database-driven websites, and content management systems (CMS).

Our Great Team

Abdul and Michaelangelo are truly a Dynamic Duo. They move seamlessly together when designing websites for their clients.


Founder and CEO

Abdul, who has over a decade of experience is Founder and CEO of Concat IT Solutions. He is a magnificently savvy individual who has a remarkable aptitude to program and write code. With his extensive knowledge of programming languages, System Administration and servers as well as a keen understanding of SEO he will develop a website that your organization needs. He’s attentive and pays very close attention to detail. Behind the scenes he can do anything and has an uncanny ability to bring forth exactly what our clients desire.

Michaelangelo Website Design


Director of Sales and Marketing

Michaelangelo who is Director of Sales and Marketing at Concat IT Solutions is also a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach He is an astute salesman and has a creative imagination which enables him to see what every person will see and more importantly, what they cannot see when landing on a webpage. He knows that designing an attractive website is only half the project and that the user experience is just as important and that there is only a 3 second window to pique the interest of a potential customer and luckily for us, has the ability to do just that.

Together we have forged a great partnership that allows us to feed off each others creativity, which in turn enables us to bring forth the absolute best products. And we do this through the offering of new and innovative ideas, implementing the latest techniques, and listening intently to our clients needs. That is what we built our foundation on and that is what we at Concat IT Solutions do best.


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